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Hearing Aid Brands, Models & Manufacturers

Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs

At Advanced Hearing Centers in Colorado Springs, you get top, name-brand hearing aids at discount prices. We offer many different brands and models from today's top manufacturers to fit both your lifestyle and budget. You can be assured you will receive:

  • Top, Name-Brands by Leading Manufacturers
  • The Absolute Best Hearing Aid Technology Available Today
  • Thorough Hearing Testing and Screening
  • Understanding, Compassionate Service
  • All Your Hearing Questions Answered Professionally
  • Full Factory Warranties and Loss/Damage Warranties
  • Prompt Fitting and Programming of your Instruments
  • Insurance Benefits Applied (if applicable)
  • Friendly Follow up Service, Adjustments and Cleanings
  • Affordable Payment Options. No-Interest Financing Available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Take a look at the hearing aids that we offer, and don't hesitate to contact us for information or to make an appointment.

Phonak is a Swiss company and has the reputation of being "the Cadillac of hearing aids." It is one of the most popular...

Unitron has been designing and manufacturing hearing aids for over 50 years. They are known for their innovative features...

ReSound boasts of being "Second to None" in hearing aid innovation and technology. ReSound is always working to improve...

Siemens has a wide selection of makes and models. The focus of Siemens is to have a hearing aid that will meet the needs...

Starkey is proud of being the only American-made hearing aid and is a highly popular brand. Starkey constantly works...

Rexton is known for offering high technology often at more affordable prices than other leading brands...

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