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Hearing Aid Repair and Service

hearing aid service in Colorado Springs

We Service Hearing Aids!

The professionals at Advanced Hearing Centers are experts at hearing aid service. We can determine if your hearing aids can be repaired in the office or whether they need to be sent to the factory for service. We'll check if your hearing aids are still covered under factory warranty and if not, give you a free estimate for your hearing aid repair.

Sometimes, all your hearing aids need are a professional cleaning. We will quickly and professionally clean your hearing aids to ensure there is no wax buildup or anything else obstructing the receivers, sound tubes or domes. We also carry a full line of tubes and domes to fit almost any brand and model.

Do your hearing aids need adjustment? In most cases, we can re-program and fine-tune your existing hearing aids so they perform to their best capability! Start enjoying your best hearing possible. Please call us at (719) 632-3100 or Contact Us to make an appointment today!

Hearing aids can give you years of reliable service if you care for them properly. Here are a few simple steps. Learn more - Click Here.

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