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Dealing With Denial

Denial is often our first reaction when faced with evidence of any health problem. Many people have trouble accepting that they have a hearing loss. They may feel their hearing loss just isn’t “bad enough” to warrant treatment, or that seeking treatment would be an admission of advancing age and failing health. Others are embarrassed by the idea of wearing a hearing instrument.

It may help to realize that having a mild to moderate hearing loss – and most age- or noise-related hearing loss falls into this category – is much like having a correctable vision impairment. No one with impaired vision would hesitate to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses—in fact, you couldn’t hold a driver’s license without doing so—yet most of us do hesitate when it comes to treating hearing loss.

It may also help to know that you’re not alone – in fact, you’re in the company of millions

Keep in mind that many options in hearing instruments are available. New technologies have made hearing instruments much less noticeable and far more sophisticated in their ability to improve hearing. Studies have also shown that adults who wear hearing instruments see significant improvements in other aspects of their lives, including self-esteem, better relationships with others and a more emotionally rewarding social life.

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