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Hearing Aid Styles

There are five primary styles of modern hearing aids:

Receiver in Canal (RIC) Behind the Ear (BTE) In the Canal (ITC) Completely in the Canal (CIC) In the Ear

RICs and BTEs:
RIC hearing aids are very closely related to Behind the Ear hearing aids. They both rest behind the ear and have a tube that loops over the top of the ear to deliver sound to the ear canal. They have one very important difference though. In RIC hearing aids, the tube contains a small wire which goes to a speaker also called a Receiver that rests in the ear canal and delivers the sound directly to the ear. Behind the ear hearing aids have a hollow sound tube that delivers the sound from the hearing aid to the ear.

Most people prefer one of these two styles for a variety of reasons.

  • Very discrete appearance.
  • Can handle a wide range of losses (from mild to profound).
  • Does not block sounds that are not affected by your loss.
  • Light weight and small size make RICs and BTEs some of the most comfortable styles.

ITCs, CICs, and ITEs:
These are all hearing aid styles that rest inside of the ear. Many people are attracted to the idea of these aids because they seem to be less visible to others. Because they are often so small, they cannot deliver the power or flexibility that other styles can offer. For those are interested in one of these styles, we offer them in the latest technology.

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