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Hearing Tips


Eating out can be a relaxing and enjoyable time if you take a few steps to create a better listening environment. First, select a quieter restaurant and go early or late to avoid the crowd. Second, choose a table that is well lit so you can see the faces of your companions – you understand better when you see the person speaking. Third, if you don’t understand something, don’t “pretend to hear” – instead ask “would you mind rephrasing what you just said?” One final tip to help – new technology can greatly benefit your ability to hear in noisy situations. Come see me for a free demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology available to you.


When you are able to turn down the noise around you, you hear and understand the best. But what can you do when there are “hearing conditions” you can’t control? The best minds in the hearing aid industry have been working on this very thing. I think you’ll be amazed at how well they have done! New technology in hearing aids can successfully improve how well you hear in noisy places. How do they do it? Imagine a very fine filter that scoops out the sounds you don’t want while it lets through the speech information you need. Come see me to experience how this can work for you. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


When you get help for your hearing loss you truly make the world a better place to live in. Immediately your world gets better because you don’t struggle to understand conversation. Then there’s the amazing impact you have on the people around you. They too have been struggling, but in a different way. They are continually challenged to make conversation workable with you because you can’t understand what they are trying to tell you. Pretty simple, yet profound. Every one of us has the power to do something that carries a positive impact on the world around us, and for you it could be starting the process toward better hearing. Take that step and call for your free hearing evaluation and consultation.


You’ll be happy to know that hearing aids do a great deal more for you besides just amplifying sound. It’s comforting to know that hearing aids automatically adjust when there are loud noises like fireworks, gunshots, and all manner of loud annoying sounds. New hearing aid technology provides us with the tools to fine tune ALL the sounds you hear, both loud sounds you don’t want to hear and the quieter sounds you need to hear to understand conversation. As your hearing care provider I know how to use these high technology tools to adjust your sounds to your preferences. You’ll be in good hands when you come in to see me. Find out how comfortable your hearing can be.


There’s no doubt that music is one of life’s sweet enjoyments. Each of us is different. We all like what we like. But it is very rare to find someone who is not affected by music in a positive way. Music can set you free and put a spring in your step. But hearing loss can keep you from the full enjoyment of sounds, especially music. Inside your inner ear are tiny hair cells that pick up the vibration of all the sounds around you. The most common type of hearing loss diminishes these hair cell functions. That means you just don’t hear music in its fullest, and that means you’re missing something wonderful. Hearing aids can help you to get those “good vibrations” happening again. Come see me to get the music back in your life.


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