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Hearing Tips


If you have hearing loss in both ears you should do everything you can to correct the hearing “binaurally” or with both ears. Your brain depends on the specific input from each ear to form a complete picture of the sounds around you. In the case of separating out what one person is saying from the background noise two ears are essential. If you already wear hearing aids be sure both aids are tuned to your current hearing loss and that your equipment is working properly. Stay current on your regular hearing tests and have your hearing aids routinely cleaned and check by a professional.


Hearing loss can cause social isolation. A person may not want to retreat into isolation, but they are left out when they can’t participate in the benefits of conversation. What results is a feeling of being left out. What can follow is a decline in energy and overall health. If you are the person with hearing loss, it is often difficult to let on that you are experiencing these feelings. Give yourself the opportunity to stay connected with activity and interaction. Pursue getting help for yourself. Start with a hearing test. Then get hearing aids if you have hearing loss.


We live in the land of endless conveniences. Your hearing is a “convenience” that shouldn't be overlooked. It is inconvenient to struggle to understand what people are saying. With hearing loss you are likely to experience stress in order to keep up with the conversation. When you improve your hearing with hearing aids, you will eliminate the many stresses involved in guessing what is being said and trying to “fake it.” Call and make an appointment to find out how much more fun having a normal conversation can be (and less stressful).


Establishing a working relationship with you is our primary goal from your first visit to our hearing center. Your wants and needs are the most important to us. We explain the results of your hearing evaluation and help you to understand how your hearing can be benefited. We keep an open line of communication, encouraging you to ask questions. You will know that our approach is totally “no pressure” and you will be in the driver’s seat for your decisions about your hearing. We are only delighted when you can say “I’m happy with the way I am now able to hear.” We welcome you to come in and get to know us. Your free evaluation is just a phone call away.


Our office is always at your service. You may notice a drop in volume or clarity with your hearing aids. Come in and see us. You may be having more difficulty in noise. Come and see us. Are your ears feeling plugged? Is your hearing muffled? Do your ears itch? Do your hearing aids feel comfortable? Any question you have is welcome! Never hesitate to make that call to ask for advice or to set up an appointment. We recommend you have your hearing aids cleaned and checked at least once every six months. And you should receive an updated hearing test every one to three years depending on your hearing loss. The frequency of receiving professional care for your hearing aids depends on you. No one knows better than you when you need attention.


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