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Hearing Tips


You are now able, with the newest hearing aid technology, to “focus” your hearing to increase speech information. When there is competition from noise in the room (or in the car) these high tech hearing aids recognize human speech and increase desirable sounds while at the same time recognizing noise sounds and reducing the amplification of those unwanted sounds. To do this requires “wireless” communication between your hearing aids, meaning your aids “talk” to each other and map out the sounds around you. This remarkable technology can help you to receive the focus you need to communicate better in challenging situations. Come see me for a demonstration on how this new technology can help you.


Sounds like a familiar lyric from a romantic love song. And for people with hearing loss it carries an extra special meaning. “Speech reading” is a skill that we all possess to some degree. Many people with hearing loss already perceive the importance of their having this skill in a more developed way. It is used by them every day and in every exchange of information – IF the persons they are speaking with are FACING them. If you are reading this and you don’t have hearing loss, please make every effort to FACE the person who wears hearing aids when you address them in conversation. They are really “longing to see your face” so they can understand everything you have to say. Come see me for more tips on how to make your world of hearing rise to its finest level.


Do you need one or two hearing aids if you have difficulty hearing? If your hearing loss is great enough you surely will benefit by having a hearing aid for each ear. By wearing two aids you will avoid having a “weak side” that would leave you missing out on what people are saying to you. Your safety will be positively affected as you can hear warnings and the approach of moving objects (such as people or cars) that could collide with you. Of important consequence with only one side aided is that your understanding of speech in noise will be greatly diminished. To say it another way, two ears hear in noise much better than one. Come see me to find out how “the power of two” can work best for you.


As soon as you leave the confines of your home you enter new sound environments and face some unique hearing challenges. We use the term “acoustic qualities” or “the acoustics of listening environments.” In a quiet home your acoustic world is the most ideal it can be. In other places such as your automobile, or inside buildings with tall ceilings and echoing, your ability to understand speech can be greatly challenged. You need the assistance of advanced sound processing and noise cancellation that are part of the great hearing aid technology available to you. Our role is to help you reap these benefits using our fine-tuning skills and personal care to meet your needs. Come see me to find out how you can hear better on the go.


Your hearing (along with your vision) impacts your life in so many ways. When you notice you’re missing out on conversation, your “warning lights” should go on. It’s easy to answer that call to action and schedule your free hearing evaluation. We’ll help you to know if you have any hearing loss and establish a “baseline.” We’ll help you to understand what hearing loss is doing and how you can take steps to prevent your life from being further impacted by hearing loss. When you become proactive about your hearing you are putting first things first.


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