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Hearing Tips


Volume control is a nice feature for hearing aids. You can be in control. When you need more sound, you turn it up to make it louder. When it’s too loud around you, you can turn it down for your comfort. Sometimes a volume control is not as helpful as it may seem. Some patients forget they have turned their hearing aids down and then they are not sure why they’re not hearing very well. And some of you are happiest when the hearing aid controls volume all on its own. Virtually all modern hearing aids are capable of automatic volume adjustments. You and I can work together to find the right solution of “controls” that suit your needs and your preferences. Come see me for that personal touch.


When you begin the process of improving your hearing you will have a few weeks of learning your “new sounds” and getting used to them. It is likely you will experience some sounds you haven’t heard in a long while. It is my role to respond to your requests by tuning your hearing aids to maximize their performance while at the same time making the sounds comfortable and enjoyable for you. This process can be very rewarding as you and I explore your personal preferences for sound. Your world of better hearing is waiting.


Improving your abilities to hear is much like performing well as an athlete. You can be successful at hearing just like any person can become successful at swimming or any other sport. It just takes time and effort (some might use the word diligence). Your effort is like working out. Our effort as your hearing aid professional is like coaching. Hearing instruments help you to build up your ability to hear what you are missing and to perform well in life. Your use of these sounds can be greatly aided by having the right coach. Come see me for further tips on how to hear successfully.


High frequency sounds are critical to your understanding of speech. 70% of speech information is in that all-important high frequency area of sound. The higher the frequency, the “softer” the sounds. By that, we mean you struggle to hear parts of speech such as the “S” sound, the “F” sound, and the “TH” sound. And people who speak softly produce much more “soft speech” because the area of their voice tonal quality is in the high frequency range. We work hard to help you discover where your loss is located and where you can receive the most benefit from hearing aids. Our job is to get you the sounds you have been missing, and above all to improve how well you can understand conversation. We welcome you to come in for a free hearing test to begin the process.


The world of sounds around you can be vibrant and exciting. Hearing loss can muffle sound. The result? Not as vibrant and exciting as you remember it and want it. Do you remember when voices were easier to understand? Or when music was clear and lively? It’s a natural response for you to want to pinpoint what sounds you are missing by having your hearing tested. Then comes the good part - the benefit of new hearing instruments. You and I work together to re-master the sound inputs that bring voices back to life and get you excited to be hearing clearly. It’s wonderful for you. And it’s rewarding for people who know you to also experience the benefits that are coming back to you. We welcome you to regain that wonderful world of sound.


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