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Hearing Tips


Research shows improving your hearing can improve your brain function, including your memory. If you have uncorrected hearing loss
you have to work your brain a lot harder to understand what people are saying. This results
in an increased load on your “processor” (i.e.
your brain). This stress can add up over time,
resulting in the slowing of your normal brain function. If you or someone you know have uncorrected hearing loss, find out how you can benefit from the many improvements that come with hearing clearly. Don’t delay. Your future is too valuable!


Spoken words are the currency of human interchange. The value of something said is only cashed in when it is heard and understood by you. 32 million of us Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Picking up those valuable pieces of another’s words is what correcting hearing loss is all about. It’s a quest for the millions of Americans with hearing loss to recapture lost “wealth.” May is National Good Hearing Month. We welcome you to our office for a free hearing evaluation.


You might be surprised to know that quality hearing aids are much more than just sound amplifiers. Scientific research has gone to work for you to produce just the right amount of sound that you personally need. Your ears are unique, so you will be treated with unique and personalized care. I would love to explain to you how advanced hearing really works. Then you can experience why it’s worth having a caring professional to optimize what hearing aids can do for you. You have questions. We have answers to help you.


If you are reading this column today it shows you have an interest in better hearing. Perhaps you already have hearing aids, or you’re contemplating “taking the plunge” into better hearing for the first time. You instinctively know the importance of making positive choices for better living. Your ability to understand touches just about everything in your life. May is better hearing month. It is my hope that you will give greater attention to your hearing.


Of vital importance to your relationships is how well you are able to interact through conversation. When someone is speaking with you, they are hoping you will be able to have a successful interchange of thoughts. It’s so nice when you can make them feel you care about what they are saying. Do you find it difficult to stay up with conversation? Are you asking “what?” a lot of the time? This can be stressful to you and those you love. A hearing evaluation will often bring answers to why you are struggling. Your first step is making that phone call to find out. I enjoy seeing the relief that comes when a person has their first hearing test. Now they know. Now they can act. Now they can get back into normal conversation with ease. Our door is open to you.


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