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Hearing Tips


It’s Spring. Time to get the lawnmower serviced. You don’t expect your lawnmower to perform well when it is caked with last year’s dried up oil and dirt. The same is true for your hearing aids. It’s amazing how much better you hear when your hearing aids are cleaned and conditioned to perform at their best for you. Ear wax is the big culprit, but so are the heat, humidity and oils associated with your ears and your head. Come see me to get your hearing aids cleaned absolutely free. I’ll check their performance and see what can be done to help you hear better. Taking good care of your equipment will improve how your “little machines” work for you!


Sneezing, congestion, and that “stuffy” feeling in your head – all remind us that it’s Spring. Your hearing may be affected. Many of our patients visit us regularly to have their hearing aids cleaned. When the hearing aid is working and you’re still not hearing well, it’s possible something has changed in your hearing. We perform a hearing test to find out. In some cases you will be referred to a physician for further evaluation. Congestion, fluid build-up, and ear infections should not be ignored. Our role as hearing health professionals is to be sure you get the proper care you need. Come see me if your hearing is not what you think it should be.


We all enjoy getting outdoors to begin tilling, mowing and using the many power tools that we store away over the winter. Please remember to put in ear plugs or use other hearing protection. Loud sounds damage your hearing permanently. Protection is easy. If you have questions about hearing protection give me a call.


Your ears and your brain work together like two plow-horses pulling a load. That load is your ability to keep up with others in conversation. When your ears aren’t working normally, your hearing loss slows down your brain’s effort to understand speech. The load gets heavier and heavier the worse your hearing loss is. Over time, hearing loss can permanently slow down your brain from being able to understand speech sounds. The weak plow horse causes the other horse to become weak. This is truly a preventable situation. If you have hearing loss, we can get your two “horses” plowing together. Don’t be slowed down. Come see me for a free hearing evaluation.


Helping you to hear clearly is like a turbo-boost for your engine. The engine is your brainpower that you need to actively pursue your life. Imagine putting your foot to the accelerator only to find you couldn’t move your car fast enough to get into and out of traffic. That’s precisely what happens when your hearing doesn’t activate your brain with enough “sound inputs” so you can understand speech. Information is coming at you faster than you can react to maneuver in a normal social environment. The result, your life starts crawling along instead of staying up with the world around you. I can help you solve that problem. Call me to start your engines revving!


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