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If the way you are hearing doesn’t seem right, call me to find out why. We’re good at problem solving and we’ve helped many to hear better than they ever thought possible. Soon you too can be saying, “My problems CAN be solved!” People often tell us their hearing problems, such as: “I hear people talking, but I can’t understand what they’re saying.” “I’m having a problem with the ringing in my ears.” “People are complaining about my saying ‘what did you say’ all the time. “ “I have a problem hearing in noisy situations.” Your future is waiting.


The signs of Spring are at hand. Life is about to spring out of the earth. Would you like to hear better? Getting new hearing aids is like getting life back into your world. It’s easier to get the details of conversation. You begin to understand people who have soft voices (including your grandchildren). If you enjoy music, you can appreciate a fuller range of sound. Your world of sound comes alive. Many people are gaining awareness of how advanced hearing aid technology can benefit their lives.


How do you feel about your hearing aids? Do you like the way they sound? Are the sounds pleasant to you? We all prefer sounds in our own special way. Your sound preferences should be a large consideration when your hearing aids are programmed for you. I want you to enjoy wearing your hearing aids, not just put up with them. I am here to tune your hearing aids for you so you really like the way they sound. Come see me to get your world of sound the way you want it.


You may remember growing up listening to music on a record player. Then came the “Hi-Fi” and that was a big improvement. But I bet you will never forget the first time you listened to Stereophonic Sound. Wow, what a difference! The clarity made it sound like you were sitting right in the symphony hall. That same “wow effect” is often what people experience when they first start wearing hearing aids. Crystal clear sound. An amazing difference. A new world of hearing. Come see me for a complimentary hearing evaluation and an in-office demonstration of what hearing aids can do for your world of sound.


I’m always impressed when a person expresses their feelings about how much better they hear with hearing aids. Happiness. Joy. Amazed at the difference. A big smile. Sometimes even a hug. Can hearing be that impacting to you when you, too, get back what you’re missing? The happiness becomes a domino effect as your family and friends enjoy conversing with you again (without all the hesitations and repeats). Do something nice for yourself that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. You will receive rewards day after day. Come see me for a free hearing evaluation and consultation. Make yourself happy.


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