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How to Help Yourself to Hear Better

helping yourself with hearing loss

This is the place for more information about getting the help you need to understand your degree of hearing loss and how to improve your hearing.

Hearing Self Evaluation

Take a brief quiz to help determine whether you are experience hearing loss and to what degree you may be experiencing hearing loss - Click Here.

Developing Realistic Expectations

Here are some important things to consider as a new hearing aid wearer. Learn how wearing hearing aids are part of the hearing rehabilitation process - Click Here.

Adjusting to Hearing Instruments

Learn about factors that contribute to a quicker adjustment to wearing hearing aids - Click Here.

Fine Tuning Your Hearing Aids

We want to help you make sure your hearing aids are working perfectly and exactly tuned to compensate for your unique requirements - Click Here.

Ready to Start?

We'd love to help you or your loved ones start hearing better! Please call us at (719) 632-3100 to schedule a free ear exam and free consultation.

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