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Helping Others

helping others with hearing loss

Check out the links below for more information on how to help a loved one understand that he or she may have a hearing loss and how to help them cope with hearing difficulties.

Dealing with Denial

Many people have trouble accepting that they have hearing loss. Here are some tips to help others to want to seek treatment - Click Here.

How to "Get Through" to the Hearing-Impaired

Read about some simple steps one can take to communicate better with those experiencing hearing loss - Click Here.

Impact of Hearing Loss on the Hearing Impaired

It is not a good idea to let hearing loss go untreated. Read how you can empower others to live more fully though better hearing - Click Here.

Impact of Hearing Loss on Friends and Family

Hearing loss affects everyone the hearing-impaired person contacts. Learn how you can help prevent the isolation that can occur with hearing loss - Click Here.

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