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Impact of Hearing Loss on Friends and Family

Hearing loss doesn't just affect individuals—it affects everyone who interacts with them. While the hearing-impaired person in your life may experience anxiety, isolation and depression, you may feel irritation, frustration, anger and helplessness.

These feelings are normal, as is your desire to help. The single most important thing you can do is suggest that your friend or family member get a professional evaluation of their hearing. Avoid making fun of the person, or letting yourself become irritated, as well as becoming “co-dependent” or over-protective. Instead, talk openly and try to help them recognize their hearing problem for themselves. Suggest that they take a look at this and other hearing-related sites.

A hearing-impaired person may withdraw from social situations or refrain from favorite hobbies such as music or watching TV. They may avoid interaction with others for fear of appearing confused, inept, or in the case of the elderly, senile. Those with hearing loss can become depressed, indifferent and insecure because they can’t understand what people are saying. Preventing this kind of isolation is one of the ways in which friends and family members can help most.

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