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Impact of Hearing Loss on the Hearing Impaired

Hearing loss usually comes on gradually. So gradually, that many people don’t even realize it’s happening. Your brain helps you adapt in subtle ways: you begin asking others to repeat themselves; you turn up the volume on the TV or radio; you turn your “good” ear towards the source of the sound.

While these coping mechanisms are helpful, they’re also a signal that hearing loss is taking place. And besides just finding it difficult to hear, you may begin to experience emotional and psychological effects, including:

  • Anxiety about being in social situations
  • Difficulty in interacting with children or grandchildren
  • No longer able to enjoy music
  • No longer able to enjoy theater, church or speakers
  • Growing sense of isolation from others
  • Depression and withdrawal

If you’re experiencing any of the above, seeking treatment is important. First, it makes sense to find out whether your hearing loss has a medical cause. If not, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing this. Most hearing loss can be helped, and taking action can help you empower yourself and live more fully, no matter what the nature or severity of your hearing loss.

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